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Jimmy J

This is the 3rd installment in our series of Radio London recordings. Press play and you’re knee deep in a rare interview between Malik X and Roger S. (aka Roger Sanchez). They speak about the UK scene and discuss a “rave” held later that evening 167 Church (The Party Centre) where the two will be spinning. Malik also makes also makes some bang-on comments about the future of Toronto’s scene.

I’m fairly certain this interview pre-dates Exodus events and was likely recorded in the summer of 1991, perhaps even earlier. Around this time a posse of UK punters had united in Toronto and were on a mission to rave and Malik was describing warehouse parties as such.

This tape was compliments of Captain B. Mental a fact made obvious by two things: the Malik shout-out mash-up at the beginning made up of numerous B. Mental mentions and the stop and start B. Mental tape deck mixing I’ve previously mentioned. Having said that the recording isn’t entirely Radio London, but towards the end more of Malik’s sound bites appear “L-L-L-L-L-Locking your radio…”

It’s also full of a lot of obscure tracks that we’ve been unable to identify, so please post a comment if you recognize any of the tracks not listed below.

Track List:

  • Kicksquad – Soundclash
  • After Dark – Cardiac
  • De Lite – Wild Times
  • Arthur Baker – Kiss The Ground (dub)
  • Warp Factor 3 – Rhythm Will Make You Move
  • Sub System – Subhouse
Jimmy J

such a feeling rave

Saturday October 26th, 1991. Exodus touched down at 318 with Such a Feeling. The title was was likely inspired by Bizarre Inc’s track with the same name – an Exodus mid-rush favorite.Β  This is the earliest double sided rave flyer in our possession. Also note “Featuring The Booming Sound System” perhaps the original moniker of the DJ crew that would eventually settle on The Booming System Collective.

Jimmy J

exodus rave insomnia flyer

Saturday October 19th, 1991. Can’t sleep? Exodus offered some therapy with to cope with insomnia. Even if you were able to sleep after the fact – post-rave dreams put you right back at 318 anyway. If you want something to think about while you lay awake at night continue reading. This flyer may have been inspired by the 23 Hop favorite Insomniak by DJ PC – featuring the sample “insomniak” which amazingly says, “I must sleep” when played in reverse.Β  Check it out for yourself. Think about it. Sleep tight.

Jimmy J

Welcome to the second tape in our series of Radio London recordings. This broadcast starts off with a track featured in a British film titled Young Soul Rebels. Malik X then discusses the movie being showcased at The Festival of Festivals (which was what the Toronto Film Festival was known as until 1994). Given the context of Malik’s comments combined with the knowledge that this event has always been held in September we can deduce this show was broadcast either in late September or early October of 1991.

We can also determine that the previous entry in this series was recorded the week prior. How you ask? In both sessions Malik plays Machine Dream and both times he’s caught off guard when the record ends. When it happens in this recording he references the week prior and confesses the track always sends him away.

A few other points of interest – during Air Witness News Malik features a hot-off-the-press white label titled Cloud 9 given to him by non other than Nick Holder. There’s also a mention of Exodus possibly taking a break from 23 Hop to host a rave in Brampton.

Track List:

  • Young Soul Rebels – Mica Paris
  • I’m Alright – Y.F.B.
  • Dance No More – E-Lustrious
  • The Hiding – Reincarnated Regulator – Prophet of Tribal Teckno
  • Choosing You – Lenny Williams
  • 2 Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
  • Alien Meets the Outlander Mix – Outlander
  • Machine Dream – Dimension
  • Cloud 9 – Nick Holder
  • Give Me Your Love – White Label
  • The Spirit – Incubus
  • House Feelings – Human Resource
Jimmy J

exodus 808 state rave flyer

Saturday October 5th, 1991. Techno legends 808 State touched down in Toronto for a concert at the Opera House. Exodus Productions themed their event as an after concert rave, unofficially the official after party given that members of 808 State ended up in attendance.