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Full Version: The Swing Rave
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This was the first rave i ever went to, and oh what an experience your first rave Is. But this one was mad! Location was the Cherry Beach Sound Studios near Commissioner Street in Toronto's Industrial Area near the waterfront. This rave changed my life. Like so many peoples first rave. Nitrous 015 had originality. Giant 2 seater swings hung through the main hallway, maybe 5 or 6 of them all in a row facing eachother. The main stage was just a few steps away. The chillout room was priceless, a carpeted room with TV's playing strange video's like a Fire Place buring, the view of a plane flying, just chillout shit and people were just sitting there glued to the screens. Then there was the outside chillout zone where i spent alot of the night meeting up with friends who also were at a rave for the first time. I got a shitload of people to come with me. Originally heard about the party on Hard Drive 89.5 the week before. So glad i found that show. 1992 was full of changes for me. Anyways back to the outdoor chilloout was wicked. Just the surroundings blew me away. All these industrial piping and structures around the venue. So unreal. I remember everything from that night. The ride down in my friends VW Van. The experience at Union Station waiting for more info and the Shuttle Bus. That night was amazing.

This is all i have left from that event. Its a piece of the map we got at Union Station the night of. The map part is gone and all i have left is an upcoming event listing. If anyone has the flyer for this event PLEASE post it here. Ive been searching so long.
I dont have a flyer..but heres a bump for ya! those swings were wicked suspended like that, this was hands down one the coolest raves I ever went to myself spin.gif maybe sunchicken would have a flyer for it? or maxamillion597?
I unfortunatly lost all my flyers, otherwise I would have, but maxamillion is looking!!! Its the first thing I told him when he signed up that he had to find And yes this rave was off the hook....Those swings were AWESOME especially the way they tied them together, and each seat if I remember correctly seated like 4 or more people, then you HAD to swing in unison to the people on the next swing (and it didnt matter if they were facing you or not due to being tied together). Its funny after looking at all the Nitrous flyers again they are all numbered BUT who remembers them as numbers?? All these years I have been calling them Nitrous swing rave, mud rave, the really big space, the finale, etc. lol I have a LOT of really good rave memories but this one is is right up at the top rockon.gif
Big Guy
Ah yes, The Swing Rave. I was outside at the hot dog cart talking with one of the pay duty cops that Nitrous hired that night when two guys walked out from behind one of the trucks that was parked in the lot.
" transaction," said the cop to me.
"How do you feel about that," I asked him.
"Well," he said, "as long as they're not doing it in front of me and nobody is getting hurt, I really don't care."

The good old days indeed.

P.S. I found out years later that one of the the two guys was Matt (Farmer Brown), who went on to form "Effective" with Dr. Trance.
Great memories guys. Welcome to the forum. Always interesting to hear peoples memories and experiences. Check the older pages of this board, I posted lots of old flyers from 92/93.
sticker.kinda beat up tho
and another
flyer front
flyer back
Thank you sigma or should i say smigma?? lol i love being able to come and check out the old flyers.....I have looked at all the old ones from those days im just trying to compose my memories on the rest wow.gif you know how it is after 12 years they just all melt together ( drugz.gif HAHA)

Anyways kudos to you for thinking this up!!! I just love it kewlpics.gif

oh and by the way stupid.gif HAHAHA j/k (what does "aa" stand for anyways max??) im having to much fun with the smilies................................will have to stop uuura.gif
Hey Max, I dont understand why theres two dates for 015. Was I wrong? Was 015 on the 26th? It was my first rave///chances are im off by a week. Its been 14 years! omg
no prob memory is fuzzy from then to....must've been from all of those smart
Anyone see the news this morning?

The venue this rave was held at just got hit by a bus.
Its an old warehouse, hope it survives.

Check CP24

Diggin through my archives I found some photos I took of the venue in 2003 with my shitty 2mp camera.

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

History of Building
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