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Hey guys,

Thanks for helpin out. Hopefully this will improve the forum and bring back some activity. What I would like to do is give you guys the ability to moderator most of the boards in the forum. If you see a thread in any of the boards that has missing images, maybe the user never attached it to their message and just hyperlinked an image from an outside website but now the image wont load, then just move the topic and drop it here. All mod controls are listed at the bottom of each thread/topic/post.

I will put some examples in here to get started.

IPB Image - Threads marked with this icon are broken. Images were never uploaded to the forum, they were just links to external files. We need to track down the image from the original poster, attach the image to the post and place the thread back into its proper board.

Any questions let me know.
Looks like there is a problem with uploading attachments to the board. I am trying to figure it out. Need til Monday.

EDIT: Looks like the attachment problem is now fixed. If you look at the Desert Storm thread that has been moved form the mod section, click on full edit and you will see taht I saved the images before attaching them to the post. This is what needs to be done for all message sin the mod section. Hopefully we can track down the flyers from the members who originally posted them.

Toxic where you at!
Code Knowledge
only looks like its a few who have posted the original threads....have you contact them yet in regards to requesting the original links ?


Being the two top posters

Please advise,
I have not contacted them yet. if someone could that would be wicked. Im knee deep in other matters related to my move to san francisco. Wont be online much this week and will be offline all next week and maybe even the following.

Code if you could contact them that would be wicked.
Sorry I have not been too active lately. I'll step up my game.
Eddie Machete
delete Thgirpo

Thanks Eddie. usually members with a .ru in their email is a dead giveaway for a spam agent.
Code Knowledge


just deleted a post about medical supplies...
BunnyTu2006 is now deleted.
Code Knowledge

another one here !

I deleted his full post of useless info
These spammers just keep comin.

I have decided to change the way new registrations get validated. Now the user must click on an email sent to their registration email and then I must activate their account.
Code Knowledge
yuh good call, I was just thinking about that today genius ! meditate.gif
Initially all i had was the confirm by email but somehow these spam agents get passed that. Now they must confirm by email and get approved by me. If their email or username looks suspicious then I will delete their account. Also now if they dont validate in less than 3 days they automaticly get deleted.

Hopefully this will help.
in regards to broken links on images, i have noticed a bunch of em are the very first ones i uploaded when we first started Chris.

any chance to find out what hosting i was using at the time?

looks like most of them are from your rogersa account. and then the file.. usually
QUOTE(sigma @ Oct 20 2006, 04:11 AM) *

looks like most of them are from your rogersa account. and then the file.. usually

ok thanks.

ill add them to your server.

Reuploaded the flyers and bumped up the threads for VISION - Escape to Forever and Night Meets Day and Sexual Rhythms.

they should be good to move back to the Toronto Flyers Forum.

wicked man. thanks so much!
Eddie Machete
hey sigma can you delete antiheros poll in the general forum.
he wants it deleted, he did give it a good shot though
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