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Full Version: Airport '94
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back of flyer.

Check out the fold marks. lol. Yes I made an atempt. This flyer is my only copy.
The one and only. Favorite Atlantis party although i didn't hit them all.

Even has the number for Alterna-Line. It was a pretty cool concept before the whole Internet thing happened.
This was a wicked party. I seem to remember Darth Vader being lowered down to the stage from the ceiling. It turned out to be an expensive night though. Someone had broken the barrier to get into the yacht club parking lot and everyone just started parking there. They towed the entire lot - probably 100+ cars - including mine. $160 later, I figured it was probably the tow-truck company who broke the barrier and got people to start parking there in the first place.
Another pre-flyer but more of a promotional gimic. Lol a barfbag?!

The Atlantis Flight Bag
This was indeed a great night. For some reason the outdoor chill out room is what really sticks in my mind, that and Darth Vadar's entrance from the rafters. I remember going outside into that area and just being consumed with the amazing view of the Toronto skyline and the nice mellow tunes being played. I really missed the chill rooms when they started to disappear from parties, they were the best spot to find your friends and interact with the other people at the jam without having to scream over the music.

As alcid stated i also remember having to pay $160 to get my car out of the lot after it had been towed that night. Defintely worth it though.
Edit! added some pics!!
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