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Full Version: Lost in the Jungle - Part 3
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inside page 1
rest of flyer.
the trees.. all i remember are the trees!!!!

top notch party..
i skipped out on this to go to Better Days the following week. what was i thinking!?
Eddie Machete
my gosh there some wicked flyer tucked in the back
wicked party for sure
totally lost my mind
first dose of nicky blackmarket for this guy
anyone have audio?
totally forgot about H20 later to become the shadow

big ups marky mark dragging me out while i was still
a young intimadated lad
yea i think most of the good oldies are listed back when i started the forum. go to teh last page and work your way forward. Some classic flyers smile.gif
Eddie Machete
youre telling me
great party cold as f!!!

got a dodgy jill all wobbley

that mixmag article was based on this party
Dj Pascal
My memories of this party aren't so much for the time I had at it, but more for the events that took place after words.

I was to meet a friend of mine who had bailed on coming to this with me in favour of hooking up with some girl he met the week before (at a Better Days party I thinks) and doing the deed all night. He told me he would meet me at Union Station at 8am the next day, and he'd always been reliable when he would pick me up so I thought nothing of it.

To make a long story short, I wound up spending 9 hours in Union Station with $0.14 cents in my pocket, and can now say "All Aboard! Please" fluently in French. uuthud.gif

Nothin is more tedious than a comedown on an empty stomach in Union Station. Especially when he picks me up just as my best friend was about to get off the phone and come get me and informs me that him and his "new girlfriend" had to spend the whole day getting the morning after pill. Only to figure out on the highway home back to Hamilton that I could have just hopped on the GO TRAIN and Deadheaded it home as they didn't check for tickets much on Sundays.
Eddie Machete
was it part 3 or part 4, where they had that dude dancing on stage
in a big dinosaur costume, anyone remeber??
i have some pictures of this event i have to dig up.


J you absolutely have to! we need shit like that on here.
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