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Liquid Adrenaline
I created this flyer for George back in 1998. It was the last flyer I did for the Toronto Rave Scene.

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That was a fun party. Held at the rather weird venue Luxor. The jungle/hip hop was in the small side room. The narrow front hall got real crowded.
mail out ....

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my little sisters first party
My first Liquid party, And my first time in the Luxor. The history behind that venue is unreal, did u know it involves a kidnapping? yep.

PS my bad, I accidentally reporting this post instead of replying. LOL!
I heard a few times that place had something to do with the Mob. Do tell!
QUOTE (charade @ Nov 24 2005, 09:24 PM)
I heard a few times that place had something to do with the Mob. Do tell!

Well the story goes like this.

The club itself was supposed to be one of the worlds best, it was even featured in some magazine.. But unfortunately they could never get a liquor licence due to the nursing home across the street. They did however manage to open with a catering licence through some guy they had met.

The only problem was, the police wanted the place shut down. They threatened to revoke the guys catering licence, which is extremely important to any catering company. When the next weekend hit the man refused to licence the venue and the owners apparently kidnapped him to keep the club open. Much to everybodys suprise, the man had phoned the police prior to being kidnapped as a precaution and the place got raided that night. The owners got totally screwed, there was a ton of illegal activity going on and all was revealed.

I remember seeing it on the news. The story itself is only what i have heard through the grapevine, so any truth to it is vague.. I wish i could track down the video of the actual news report.. or maybe a toronto star article.. :/

The venue was purchased by someone else for dirt cheap and never opened as a club again, but it was home to a crap load of really good parties. The last one was Soundclash pt 2 i believe. I did the sound that night with a buddy of mine and at about 445am a peice of the egyptian prop wall fell apart.. lol It was a pretty interesting way to end a party thats for sure.

And now its a Home Depot!
just a few pictures from this party that I have
welll make that one....I forgot that is all I have =)
Jesus I almost forgot about Luxor. Many many good memories in that place. For some reason though, the one that sticks out the most was dancing one morning to Czech spinning downtempo breaks. Oh, and having to take a crap but couldn't find any shit tickets...well that's not exactly a good memory. uuconcertlight.gif
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