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interesting flyer.
Interesting flier to say the least! One of my all time faves.

Can't beleive that was 9 years ago. We got side tracked on the way there and smoked our selves silly. Got in real late. I'm ashamed to say I can't quite remember were this was, it was either 11 Polson St or the Warehouse. Didn't really remember any sets, we were basically trying to catch up to freinds already there.
OK, I can't quite figure out what that is. I thought it was a spider but it why is it puting its legs into the buckets? Or does it have too many legs for a spider? Maybe its tree roots? Whatever it is I can't figure it out. What does it have to do with a fun house? blinkblink.gif
hahah who knows. weird flyer for sure. I got a couple copies available at The Shop if anyones interested.
shooter.gif This party was sick!!!
QUOTE (unique2100 @ Mar 30 2005, 01:52 AM)
shooter.gif This party was sick!!!

Tell me more. What kind of "MAD" attractions did they have? Did anyone go to there previous party, the Circus?
i was there.. horrible experience in terms of uhhh.. "party favours"

held at the warehouse.

they had a bouncy castle, and this inflatable runway, you sorta attach a bungy to your waist, run down it as far as you can, before the bungy yanks you back flying..

i have the tape of Dj Druid still.

The Madness flyers always scared me. Honestly I think they turned me off of going to their parties! I usually heard good things about em though.
Eddie Machete
pretty sure i went to this too
i have the '00' fleming tape still
I have the vinylgroover and druid tape from this. I'll pick them up next time I'm in collingwood.
Ok well I finally got off my ass and ripped the Vinylgroover and Druid tapes from this party. Let me know if anyone would like to hear these. The Vinylgroover tape has a smale glitch in the middle of each side as my tape got eaten..but it's nothing to big.
on a side note I'd love to hear that '00' fleming tape.
Post them bruv.
anyone wanna host these for me ?
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