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For The People
Liquid Adrenaline - April 12, 1997


That is all from me. I have a load of flyers but those are all the older ones I have. Going to try and work on making some mp3's of some of the old mix tapes I have.
event held at what is now the KoolHaus.

one memory taht really stands out is during Josh Winks set.. evryone was waiting for him to play "Higher State"

finally, after a good 2 hour set, you can finally hear the familiar simple break that starts off the tune. everyone is anticipating the 303 buildup.

as the tune starts building up, closer and closer, right at the drop, he cuts in a second copy, right back to the beggining.. what a tease!

he does that 3 times, and finally, on the 3rd time around building those insane 303's he lets the tune drop with a second copy off time by one bar, smashing the fader back and forth, turning the crowd into a frenzy.. quite the end to an allready insane set.

good memory.! smile.gif
Dj C-boogie
wow...would love to hear that set.....

any audio out there from this night?
yes that set nearly gave me a heartattack,lmao....holmes*
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