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Renegades - November 19. 1999

Nice flyer. Well it's really Rewind 2. Held at The Docks. I think all the headliners played in the main room. Sniper was in the second room and he played Lockdown by Ellis Dee which is a fav of mine which I don't own so I was a couple minutes late for Rap and Shabba's set. I don't think the jungle headliners really played old tunes. Rap played mostly new stuff. The only tune I remember her playing is a Rayner tune on Formation which I was sort of smitten with at the time. Oh, I think she also played the Spiritual Aura remix which was on the Brave New World lp which came out around that time. I honestly do not remember Kenny Ken or Fearless at all. Strange. I don't think there are any tapes from this. I may be wrong. Shabba had a smashing shell suit. A really good event actually. Just before it went pearshaped.

inside part one:
inside part two:
jungle kid
were thier jungle tapes made from that night.
I don't really remeber. I don't think so. Maybe Skitzz will know.
jungle kid
There were no jungle tapes made from this party. They released 3 parts to Kenny Ken's set from the Rewind party the year before.
Terry Mullan dropped a proper old school acid house set at this party. I have never had a dj fuck my head like Terry Mullan used to.
Kenny ken

Dj Rap


Terry who?....

wicked night

nuff lightaz

jungle kid
that sucks i would of like to have herd some old shabba.
Shabba on 98 era Telepathy tapes is killer.
no audio as far as i kno was released for this
kenny ken @ rewind 98 was a killer set
3hr set goin from old skool to new
jungle kid
Ya I have a lot of newer tapes with shabba the oldest one I have is Andy C @ Telepathy 97 With Stevie hyper,Skibes,and Det on one side and Shabba, Bassman and $pyda on the other sick set every old skool jungelist has this tape . Trying to look for tapes of shabba from Telepathy from 93 to 96 .
As far as I know they only released the Eric Davenport tape from this party. It's breaaks and it's pretty good.
brampton boy
yea man no tapes made from that night.

i remember going nuts to sniper in the second room and myy buddy tellign me rap and shabba were on.
we took off tot he main arena and it was banging,

was hot and rammed to the tits that night. Shabba took control over the crowd like he's never done before, to dark & sick! raj played a few older jump up tunes but not much actual old school.

kenny and fearless were damn good aswell. fearless semmd drunk out but at the end he called shabba back otu and them 2 were rinsing on mysticals set (first time fearless n shabba in toronto) and the looks on there faces was hilarious lol shabba looked like a kid in a candy store. wearin his shabba arsonal jersey he used to wear at every party he came down for.
kenny didnt want his set released so he did a kenny ken @ renegades 'studio mix tape' that was out a few weeks or a month later after the party by life force..gott he original copy here!
sick night.

kennys set was badass and rap...well i just went to see her sexy
This party was so sick, It was the first time I had ever really been brought back to '95 since the tech-step sounds came around..
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