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Mach 1
Renegades - May 8. 1998

Well known event due to the Kenny Ken tape that just about every post-98 era jungle raver in this city has! Held at Kaboom Nightclub where Dose held an event at around the same time. To be honest, as you can see from the flyer Tuff Jam were meant to get a bit of a push and I think a few people stayed away from this event due to that. A good crowd but it certianly was not rammed.

Kenny Ken with Hyper D were the first headliners that night however. Kaboom had a sunken dancefloor and the dj booth was set up very high so you could really only see the heads of the performers. Tuff Jam came on after, I think it did not go over well or at least that was my perception at the time. I had to take care of someone and did not really pay attention. A shame really, Tuff Jam are really good if you like garage house. Try and track down their Essential Mix on Soulseek.

Don't think Dr. No was there that night despite what the flyer says.

Kaboom had a weird shaped chill area which might of been the second room that night.

inside part one:
inside part two:
inside part three:
inside part four:

the sound was insanely loud, and the stage was high up in the rafters at the end of the venue.

Tuff jam came on after and played armand van heldens "Funk Phenomenon" which was huge at the time.

Kenny opened with the now infamous "Man of Steal" and I recall seeing Slip and Slide super happy to hear it played by one of the Heavyweights. good night!
great night...marcus played a killer set which set up perfectly for kenny ken. i remember one point in the night brushing up against all the garbage bag wall coverings and gettin soaked...gross.
you are correct...dr no was not there.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned that all those who missed this event missed one of Stevie Hyper D's final appearances in Toronto (RIP). Hyper D was insane on the night.
QUOTE (Pmoro @ Oct 5 2004, 09:12 PM)
Hyper D was insane on the night.

hyper was always insane....i miss the fucker!!!

now all u have are a bunch of mc's who wanna be skibadee...and mind u....hes lyrics are getting boring...same old shit....hyper always had a bag full of he always rinsed it...the guy was a don...big up!!! rockon.gif
Kenny Ken's set is absolutely my fav set at that party i had to get a copy off a frien that had it and it took him like a year to get it to me but it was so worth it
Ripping this tape tonight, if anyone wants me to post it let me know.
Kenny Ken Stevie Hyper D - Renegades May 10 98 - Side A - Download
Kenny Ken Stevie Hyper D - Renegades May 10 98 - Side B - Download
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