Posted: June 10th, 2009 by Jimmy J

in the beginning there was bass side b

The flip side of this tape is a bit of a mess. We get jolted around, songs and mixes get cutoff and there’s partial duplication of side A. It’s still well worth a listen, lots of obscure techno tracks.

About half way through the tape you’ll end up on the flip side of obscurity with Get Ready For This by none other than 2-Unlimited. “How dare you!” you say?  Remember where we are in time right now, Get Ready For This had just been released around this date in 1991 and like most mainstream tunes they make their rounds in the underground first. Try hard not to skip forward because there’s some smooth mixing that makes the exit from this song even more enjoyable. Unfortunately who ever was mixing ran out of incoming beats and then we’re jolted around again.

Soon after we’re greeted by Joey Betrum’s anthem Energy Flash. One minute it’s “ecstasy, ecstasy” and the next it’s, “total destruction!” with Annihilate by The Annihilator. What ever is left standing gets taken care of by Hurricane when Sykosis 451’s track gets mixed in.


5 Responses to “In The Beginning There Was Bass (Side B)”

  1. ryan Says:

    how can i get a copy of this stuff from 91-93 genetix parties, 23 hop / 318 richmond/ the rise. the origanal old school

  2. darrensmooth Says:

    please post some more Malik X tapes…some of mine got chewed up

  3. Jimmy J Says:

    Will do, we’re working on it. The next tape that goes up will be a full length recording from an Exodus party at 23 Hop…then we’re gonna delve in to some Radio London. Stay tuned.

  4. Luke Says:

    What is the name of the track that comes in at 14:13 for a short spell. I remember this one.. must… get .. track… name…

    please 🙂

  5. Jimmy J Says:

    “Technodome” (Aftermath Mix) by Experiment IV (1991) – you’re in luck it’s available for DL here:

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