Posted: October 13th, 2009 by Jimmy J

Welcome to the second tape in our series of Radio London recordings. This broadcast starts off with a track featured in a British film titled Young Soul Rebels. Malik X then discusses the movie being showcased at The Festival of Festivals (which was what the Toronto Film Festival was known as until 1994). Given the context of Malik’s comments combined with the knowledge that this event has always been held in September we can deduce this show was broadcast either in late September or early October of 1991.

We can also determine that the previous entry in this series was recorded the week prior. How you ask? In both sessions Malik plays Machine Dream and both times he’s caught off guard when the record ends. When it happens in this recording he references the week prior and confesses the track always sends him away.

A few other points of interest – during Air Witness News Malik features a hot-off-the-press white label titled Cloud 9 given to him by non other than Nick Holder. There’s also a mention of Exodus possibly taking a break from 23 Hop to host a rave in Brampton.

Track List:

  • Young Soul Rebels – Mica Paris
  • I’m Alright – Y.F.B.
  • Dance No More ā€“ E-Lustrious
  • The Hiding – Reincarnated Regulator – Prophet of Tribal Teckno
  • Choosing You – Lenny Williams
  • 2 Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
  • Alien Meets the Outlander Mix – Outlander
  • Machine Dream – Dimension
  • Cloud 9 – Nick Holder
  • Give Me Your Love – White Label
  • The Spirit – Incubus
  • House Feelings – Human Resource

3 Responses to “Radio London Session 2 (Side A)”

  1. darrensmooth Says:

    the audio featured here matches up with the first radio london session, doesnt seem to match the tracklisting you have here

  2. JimmyJ Says:

    I know it sounds familiar – the first few tracks make it such:

    – Iā€™m Alright ā€“ Y.F.B.
    – Dance No More ā€“ E-Lustrious

    and he plays Machine Dream again – everything else is new – it should be accurate. Give it a full listen and match ’em up.

  3. darrensmooth Says:

    track 4 is – The Hiding by Reincarnated Regulator

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