Posted: November 19th, 2009 by Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Dr. No

Our 4th installment and special edition in our series of Radio London recordings. It all began when Shannon (the DJ slotted to play after Malik) was unavailable for his scheduled time. Malik rounded up the four members of the Booming System Collective for what would become the quintessential Radio London broadcast. They dubbed it “Clash of the Techno” with each member given an equal portion of two hour broadcast to showcase their vinyl.

Dr. No kicks things off with some rough stuff. The second white label he dedicates to the “Techno Twins“, a pair of DJs who were also spinning techno around the city. One of two would go on to spin regularly with Dr. No under a different name in 1992 and beyond, more on them later. The doctor wasn’t a big fan of disclosing what tracks he played which is made evident in this recording. He threw us for a loop with the what he announces the name of the first track is and he’s very vague with regards to his white labels and other tracks aren’t identified. He was known to put stickers over the labels on his records to protect their true identity. He still might wince to this day if he saw the track listing below.

Dr. No’s shout-out to “ODJ” at 14:10 is a notable one. ODJ was another British CKLN disc jockey behind the show titled, “The Sound of Young London”. His legendary broadcasting career has spanned two decades and emanated from multiple radio frequencies. He currently hosts, “Amalgamation in Sound” on CIUT 89.5 Saturday nights from midnight until 2am. Tune in live or catch-up on past shows at their podcast archive.

Track List:

  • Simple Dreams – Break the Limits
  • Bass Probe – Cosmic Journey Project
  • Atheama – Nebula II
  • OK – Cosmic Journey Project
  • Greetings – CMC
  • Technoboy – Electropeople
  • Tape Path – FX
  • Square Methods – Frequency
  • Overtime – CMC

6 Responses to “Clash of the Techno (Part 1)”

  1. darrensmooth Says:

    I recognize most of these, but there are a few gaps, but this is what I know so far:

    break the limits – simple dreams (first track)
    CMC – greetings
    mikki house – tape path (after technoboy)
    frequency – square methods (right after tape path)
    CMC – Overtime (after square methods)

  2. Jimmy J Says:

    nice one, thanks.

  3. Tim Says:

    technoboy is a massive tune man. reminds me sort of an early 2000’s uk garage kinda sound.

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  6. T_Step Says:

    Yes JJTHRC, just listening to this, brings a smile to my face in grey LondonTown today.

    Always appreciate this, that time and everything you did to make it happen!



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