Posted: November 27th, 2009 by Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Malik X

Here’s part three of the legendary, “Clash of the Techno” Radio London CKLN show. Malik and the other three members of the Booming System Collective had 25 minutes of air time to showcase their tracks.

Malik X takes over following Sean L‘s set. His stand-out mic work is definitely the best amongst our entire collection. He puts a great lyrical remix on the famous, “what’s on your mind” chant and a few of his other famous lines are spoken eloquently. And because of his familiarity with the non-mixing friendly broadcast decks at CKLN he’s the only member who manages any mixes. Need I say more?

Track List:

  • Keep the Fire Burning – The House Crew
  • ?
  • Hurricane – Psychosis 451
  • The Future – K Groove
  • Tigers in Space – Untitled Revolution
  • Johnny – Ibiza Crew
  • Zombie – Ju Ju
  • Check Out How we Jam – Bass Construction
  • E Trip? – Robocop – 9 10 Boy
  • Control The Universe – Cold Sensation

2 Responses to “Clash of the Techno (Part 3)”

  1. darrensmooth Says:

    track between johnny and check how we jam is Zombie by Ju Ju

  2. Bush Says:

    I feel like these tracks were made just for us! Man those were fun times.

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