Posted: November 16th, 2009 by Jimmy J

exodus boy rave flyer

November 16th, 1991. This little geezer certainly has his work cut out for him. I was 17 when I went to this event which was below the average age of attendees. I discovered this by chatting with ladies who always inquired about my age and once I divulged they immediately evacuated from my vicinity. In subsequent years there was an influx of barely-teen ravers which was a detractor for the originals and no good for the scene or the kids. The tagline Come and Join the Future was most likely inspired by the classic tune by Tuff Little Unit.

2 Responses to “Big Shoes to Fill”

  1. Lord M Says:

    I was of age… the ladies still immediately evacu8d the vicinity any time I tried to chat them up..

    Must have been my whistle..

  2. jimmyj Says:

    You probably just didn’t have a Fox 40…the Ferrari of rave whistles.

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