Posted: November 9th, 2009 by Jimmy J

exodus e flyer

November 9th, 1991. “Starts with an E, Ends with an S, Exodus!” This is the first flyer where the “Booming System Collective” moniker appears but strangely none of the members’ names do. It’s also the first and only time the DJs who played upstairs are listed: Peter, Tyrone and Shams labeled special guests. Dino and Terry were also regulars on the second floor.

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  1. Lord M Says:

    ahhh yeahh…

    If I’m not mistaken, Mark Oliver used to play upstairs as well… more of a house vibe.

    I loved it upstairs, I remember some fence divided an area, and a sound system that appeared to have been brought in when it was open up there.. Cerwin Vega B-36 subs stacked in a “wall” format..

    Good times!

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