Posted: December 1st, 2009 by Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Mark Oliver

Here’s the final portion of the legendary, “Clash of the Techno” Radio London CKLN show. The four members of the Booming System Collective had roughly 25 minutes of air time to showcase their choons.

Mark Oliver takes over following Malik‘s set. Shuggy comes in cool and “collective” to calm things down with some pre-hardcore era techno. Evidence that he’s been an aficionado of techno since the 1980s. He plugs his Record Peddler purchases and shouts out Brian Taylor who was the frontman in the Toronto punk outfit known as Youth Youth Youth. After a little classic acid Mark riles us back up with some ’91 hardcore before passing the reins back to Malik. Just prior it’s brought to our attention that not only could Anthony throw one heck of a party, but he was also a very talented tap dancer.

Track List:

  • Siberia – Highrise
  • The Scheme – F X U
  • Techno Prisoners – Ubik
  • Past, Present, and Future – Tomoaki
  • Get Funky – Return of the Living Acid
  • Trip Switch – N.R.G.

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  1. Lord M Says:

    wicked @ 5:07…


    Anthony was a tap dancer?!?! who knew, who… knew….?

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