Posted: December 11th, 2009 by Jimmy J

trance induced state malik x side 1

In the months previous to his rave retirement Malik was hard at work in his studio producing this impressive tape. Once completed he personalized copies for friends and gave it those he knew would appreciate it. It was never mass produced, each copy was dubbed by him, with a custom metallic spray painted label. It’s a shame these tracks were never immortalized on vinyl and distributed on a larger scale. But then again, that may not have been what Malik wanted. Thankfully we were able to track down this tape and expose one of his lessor known talents.

It is rumoured that Dr. No and Captain B. Mental collaborated on some of these tracks – actually, Captain B. told me personally that he had been in Malik’s studio. Given the two are the first listed under “People Profound to”, I believe it to be true.

This music reflects Malik’s muscial tastes at the time with both 1991 techno, rare groove and acid jazz influences throughout. I think Malik put his best foot forward with the first track, it’s catchy jazzy flavor is one of the tightest productions on the entire tape. Top one.

The second track jolts us around a bit in the early goings but once it picks up steams the various samples combine for a really hard hitting brilliant tune. Note the Joey Beltram inspired bassline. Nice one.

The first two entries on the tape both fall under one genre, the first acid jazz and the second techno.  The tracks that follow are more a combination of both genres. The third carries an acid jazz tempo fused with techno samples while the last track has acid jazz samples but a faster techno inspired beat. Sorted.


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  1. darrensmooth Says:

    track one uses a couple of familiar samples. The beat is from ‘yeah you’ by the step (the occasions mix). Also in there is part of the bassline from ‘bang bang your mine’ by Bang the party.

  2. Connecting With Malik X Says:

    […] to give to Malik for his birthday. It was an honor to make a pile of tapes for a man who often gave his music away to friends. And the cool part was that I even had a tape where Dr. No wished him a happy […]

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