Posted: December 17th, 2009 by Jimmy J

trance induced state malik x side 1

Welcome to side 2 of Malik’s masterful Mental Frequency. These tracks have more of a rare groove and afrobeat influence with techno a mainstay. Vocals are more abundant on this side and are complimented by a few cameos by familiar techno samples I can’t identify. The first track in particular has numerous afrobeat elements, plenty of percussion and vocals.  The second track’s breakbeat and moody melody is trip hop before the genre existed. The third track is the hardest hitting on the techno tip, with some throwback bleeps thrown in the mix. Like the first track, the forth is primarily afrobeat influenced but with a faster techno tempo.


The following tracks are believed to be subsequent Malik productions that were showcased on his show, during his post rave era. They were also rumored to be played during ODJ’s radio show, The Sound of Young London. These MP3s were contributed by Darren Smooth.

3 Responses to “A Trance Induced State – Mental Frequency (Side 2)”

  1. darrensmooth Says:

    sons of daughters pre-dominantly uses ‘your only friend’ by Phuture, I heard him make another similar tune using the same rhythm. He also samples ‘nude photo’ by Rhythm is Rhyhthm.

  2. herbalist Says:

    the golden age indeed we did not know what was happening but we loved the music the vibes the girls dancing in the fountain in the absolute darkness with glow in the dark body paint the turbanned man who tripped the light vantastic it was all a beautiful blur ‘to the left to the right’

  3. herbalist Says:

    only getting bites on the mixed tapes can we get full disclosure

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