Posted: January 9th, 2010 by Jimmy J

The last recording of the Booming System Collective in action. We join Dr. No in progress as he tones down the hardcore at 5:45am in the morning. Not a single person in the room knew that in 2 hours and 15 minutes from this moment Exodus would evaporate. And how appropriate for this to occur on NYE, a definitive conclusion to these unique days of raving. 1992 would bring forth entirely different experiences – some great, some lackluster, but such is the way of progression.

This is yet another tape that seems to have fallen victim to B. Mental tape deck meddling. I believe only the first few songs on this side are actually from the evening (the reverse has more). It’s peculiar how the tape jumps back and forth between house and hardcore until we’re in a Radio One FM broadcast. Regardless, it’s chalked full of classics.


Track List

  • The Trip – Phuture
  • Everybody in the Place – Prodigy
  • Testify – The Sounds of Blackness
  • Hardcore You Know The Score – The Hypnotist
  • The Bouncer – Kicks Like a Mule
  • Can You Feel It – CLS
  • On The Move – Sonic Solution
  • Hardcore Heaven – DJ Seduction
  • Manix – Oblivion (Head in the Clouds)
  • Give it Up – Airtight

5 Responses to “Exodus – Dr. No Live at Unity 92 (Side A)”

  1. Jeff Penttila Says:

    can anyone tell me where i can purchase or download the first song of this mix? it literally sends me into another dimension

  2. mikk Says:

    any chance of hosting these mixes anywhere or ya can jus send em 2 me. xx

  3. jimmyj Says:

    they will eventually be released via our soundcloud page.

  4. jimmyj Says:

    @Jeff – Yeah it’s nuts let me know if you have any luck, can’t find it anywhere.

  5. pete Says:

    track at about 10th minute, is that really ‘Testify’ or just a backdrop off something else? can someone point me to this track, I’ve gotta find it.

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