The Communic8r is a defunct a bi-monthy Toronto rave publication created in 1995 by James and Neiland. Four issues with a circulation of 10,000 copies were distributed at raves and other related venues. Despite the magazine’s strong readership it fell victim to the lack of advertising dollars within a niche market and was discontinued at the end of 1995.

The complete issues are now in PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking on the covers below.

The second coming of The Communic8r was inspired by the preservation of James’ rare collection of mixtapes. This audio is an irrefutable historical documentation of our scene given it showcases those who formed it. With the tapes nearly 20 years old and diminishing in quality with every passing day – time was of the essence. James turned to friend and DJ, Neven Brads, who digitally mastered the tapes.

Uncontrollable nostalgic urges and the ease of online publishing made it easy to reincarnate The Communic8r in web 2.0 format: blogs, feeds and mp3s. The concept is unique, a “blogumentary” that chronologically documents Toronto’s rave scene the year it was formed. Original written content is complimented by rare recordings, photography and promotional materials.

From time to time The Communic8r also recreates authentic rave experiences by reuniting Toronto’s pioneering promoters, DJs and event goers. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and stay in the loop.

If you’re interested in participating in this project or have materials/music to donate please contact us.

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