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Jimmy J

Exodus falling flyer

November 23rd, 1991. Unfortunately we only have the front of this flyer which was scanned from the third issue of The Communic8r. We do know that DJ line-up still consisted of the four members of the Booming System Collective. If you have this flyer or any others we may have missed along the way, please contact us.

Jimmy J

exodus boy rave flyer

November 16th, 1991. This little geezer certainly has his work cut out for him. I was 17 when I went to this event which was below the average age of attendees. I discovered this by chatting with ladies who always inquired about my age and once I divulged they immediately evacuated from my vicinity. In subsequent years there was an influx of barely-teen ravers which was a detractor for the originals and no good for the scene or the kids. The tagline Come and Join the Future was most likely inspired by the classic tune by Tuff Little Unit.

Jimmy J

exodus e flyer

November 9th, 1991. “Starts with an E, Ends with an S, Exodus!” This is the first flyer where the “Booming System Collective” moniker appears but strangely none of the members’ names do. It’s also the first and only time the DJs who played upstairs are listed: Peter, Tyrone and Shams labeled special guests. Dino and Terry were also regulars on the second floor.

Jimmy J

such a feeling rave

Saturday October 26th, 1991. Exodus touched down at 318 with Such a Feeling. The title was was likely inspired by Bizarre Inc’s track with the same name – an Exodus mid-rush favorite.  This is the earliest double sided rave flyer in our possession. Also note “Featuring The Booming Sound System” perhaps the original moniker of the DJ crew that would eventually settle on The Booming System Collective.

Jimmy J

exodus rave insomnia flyer

Saturday October 19th, 1991. Can’t sleep? Exodus offered some therapy with to cope with insomnia. Even if you were able to sleep after the fact – post-rave dreams put you right back at 318 anyway. If you want something to think about while you lay awake at night continue reading. This flyer may have been inspired by the 23 Hop favorite Insomniak by DJ PC – featuring the sample “insomniak” which amazingly says, “I must sleep” when played in reverse.  Check it out for yourself. Think about it. Sleep tight.

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