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Jimmy J

exodus 808 state rave flyer

Saturday October 5th, 1991. Techno legends 808 State touched down in Toronto for a concert at the Opera House. Exodus Productions themed their event as an after concert rave, unofficially the official after party given that members of 808 State ended up in attendance.

Jimmy J

exodus flyer 1

Saturday August 31st, 1991, exactly 18 years to the day. This is the earliest Exodus flyer we have been able to track down. The date stamp indicates the flyer was probably used for multiple parties, was this the first? With memories understandably foggy no one can say for sure. But the general consensus with those who were present think it could very well be.

The drawing is an artist’s rendition of what would happen if the Cabbage Patch Kids started listening to techno. Surprisingly accurate if you ask us.

“$3 off with flyer” hand-written along the left edge meant admission for $4. Definitely the biggest bang for your buck in the history of Toronto raving.