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Jimmy J

Welcome to the 5th installment in our series of Radio London recordings. This was another special broadcast made possible because of extra time provided by Shannon. Amongst other guests, Malik invited the Techno Twins on air to showcase their tunes. Brothers Richard and Neville Blackman made up the duo and spun techno around the city, most commonly Saturday’s at Bar 222 located on Richmond Street West.

In 1992 they would split, Neville changed his name to PhD, subsequently Jungle PhD then carved out a legacy in the early days of breakbeat and jungle along side Dr. No. Richard was known as The Stinger and specialized in genres other than techno. The two then combined forces again years later to start a record store called Bees Wax on Queen Street West.

During their set they call out a few legendary events, venues and promoters. Edward & Basil’s party at Latvian House located at 491 College, a Smarties party at The Claremont and another event at 19 Charlotte Street.

There’s also a rare cameo by none other than Captain Brainstorm Mental at 22:45.

Malik makes an appearance in between their set to play a rare piece of techno history, a tune titled Riot in Lagos by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The track is credited as being pioneering techno tune and a regular during Afrika Bambaataa’s sets.

We also learn the CKLN studios were packed for this recording, with no rave that evening the Exodus posse was in full effect.

Track List:

  • Noise Factory – Noise Factory
  • Holocaust (sonic mix) – After Dark
  • B Line From Hell – G Double E
  • Stress – Forgemasters (Black Steel EP)
  • The Savage and Beyond – Tronikhouse
  • 3 Phase 415v – The Original Clique
  • Riot in Lagos – Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • I Get High – Austin
  • Pacemaker – Automation
  • Le Rabotaux Chant – Luxury
  • Revolution Of The Heart (Lao Tzu House Mix) – Chosen Few
Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Mark Oliver

Here’s the final portion of the legendary, “Clash of the Techno” Radio London CKLN show. The four members of the Booming System Collective had roughly 25 minutes of air time to showcase their choons.

Mark Oliver takes over following Malik‘s set. Shuggy comes in cool and “collective” to calm things down with some pre-hardcore era techno. Evidence that he’s been an aficionado of techno since the 1980s. He plugs his Record Peddler purchases and shouts out Brian Taylor who was the frontman in the Toronto punk outfit known as Youth Youth Youth. After a little classic acid Mark riles us back up with some ’91 hardcore before passing the reins back to Malik. Just prior it’s brought to our attention that not only could Anthony throw one heck of a party, but he was also a very talented tap dancer.

Track List:

  • Siberia – Highrise
  • The Scheme – F X U
  • Techno Prisoners – Ubik
  • Past, Present, and Future – Tomoaki
  • Get Funky – Return of the Living Acid
  • Trip Switch – N.R.G.
Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Malik X

Here’s part three of the legendary, “Clash of the Techno” Radio London CKLN show. Malik and the other three members of the Booming System Collective had 25 minutes of air time to showcase their tracks.

Malik X takes over following Sean L‘s set. His stand-out mic work is definitely the best amongst our entire collection. He puts a great lyrical remix on the famous, “what’s on your mind” chant and a few of his other famous lines are spoken eloquently. And because of his familiarity with the non-mixing friendly broadcast decks at CKLN he’s the only member who manages any mixes. Need I say more?

Track List:

  • Keep the Fire Burning – The House Crew
  • ?
  • Hurricane – Psychosis 451
  • The Future – K Groove
  • Tigers in Space – Untitled Revolution
  • Johnny – Ibiza Crew
  • Zombie – Ju Ju
  • Check Out How we Jam – Bass Construction
  • E Trip? – Robocop – 9 10 Boy
  • Control The Universe – Cold Sensation
Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Sean L.

Here’s part two of the legendary, “Clash of the Techno” Radio London show. The four members of the Booming System Collective were given roughly 25 minutes of air time to showcase their vinyl.

Sean L takes over the 1’s and 2’s after Dr. No. Sean never delved as deep in to the rough stuff as the Doctor, usually his tracks were more bleeps and less beats-per-minute. He wasn’t afraid of ambiance and the odd lovely vocal while everyone else was looking for more X’s on their hardcore. His mic work is super entertaining, abstract and nonsensical at times, but that’s what makes it so cool. He sends a shout-out to his co-workers, “out there on the bridge, in the cold, nice one boys” furthering our hunch that he worked at a toll booth.

At the end of Sean’s set Malik announces an event titled, “The Rave Under the Bridge” taking place on Saturday November 16th with DJs Mark D & Laza N. We also get to hear a couple of very interesting old CKLN ads. The first is for an unrelated event on Sunday November 3rd at the legendary Great Hall. The second ad is for event that takes place over two days: November 2nd and 3rd. These dates indicate this was show was most likely recorded on Saturday October 26th, hours before Exodus’ Such a Feeling event.

Track List:

  • Let You Go – Marina Van Rooy
  • ? – K Klass
  • ? – K Klass
  • Mentasm – Second Phase (remix)
  • Dominator – Human Resource
Jimmy J

Clash of the Techno - Dr. No

Our 4th installment and special edition in our series of Radio London recordings. It all began when Shannon (the DJ slotted to play after Malik) was unavailable for his scheduled time. Malik rounded up the four members of the Booming System Collective for what would become the quintessential Radio London broadcast. They dubbed it “Clash of the Techno” with each member given an equal portion of two hour broadcast to showcase their vinyl.

Dr. No kicks things off with some rough stuff. The second white label he dedicates to the “Techno Twins“, a pair of DJs who were also spinning techno around the city. One of two would go on to spin regularly with Dr. No under a different name in 1992 and beyond, more on them later. The doctor wasn’t a big fan of disclosing what tracks he played which is made evident in this recording. He threw us for a loop with the what he announces the name of the first track is and he’s very vague with regards to his white labels and other tracks aren’t identified. He was known to put stickers over the labels on his records to protect their true identity. He still might wince to this day if he saw the track listing below.

Dr. No’s shout-out to “ODJ” at 14:10 is a notable one. ODJ was another British CKLN disc jockey behind the show titled, “The Sound of Young London”. His legendary broadcasting career has spanned two decades and emanated from multiple radio frequencies. He currently hosts, “Amalgamation in Sound” on CIUT 89.5 Saturday nights from midnight until 2am. Tune in live or catch-up on past shows at their podcast archive.

Track List:

  • Simple Dreams – Break the Limits
  • Bass Probe – Cosmic Journey Project
  • Atheama – Nebula II
  • OK – Cosmic Journey Project
  • Greetings – CMC
  • Technoboy – Electropeople
  • Tape Path – FX
  • Square Methods – Frequency
  • Overtime – CMC

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