Big shout out to the following original ravers who have assisted with this project by filling in the blanks with knowledge, flyers and/or audio.

Rob Baumgarten (Communic8r Photog)

Marc Skulnik, Derek Gordon, Myron Samila, Steve Bushnik (Anthems)

Ben Ferguson (flyers, t-shirt, telling me about Exodus)

Robert McFarlane (flyers, the elusive A Trance Induced State tape)

ODJ (a community radio career that has withstood the test of time, respect)

Neven B. (tape digitization)

Angel L.-O. (unbelievable flyer collection)

Chris Shea (Dr. No’s segment from Clash of the Techno, strangely the only portion that was distorted on my tape of the broadcast)

Anthony Donnelly (Exodus, write-up)

John Angus (Exodus, 1995 Communic8r interview)

Mark Oliver (Exodus, 1995 Communic8r interview)

Chris Smart (technical advice, original vibe-keeper-aliver)

Myron Samila (23 Hop memory consultant, YES, I know it’s not to scale *(@$)

Rick Toxic (old school appreciation and preservation, promotion, contacts, assistance)

Darren Smooth (uncanny track expertise)

Alx Klive (Chemistry, write-ups, and that you were able to publish your own posts)

Keith J. (James St. Bass CIUT Pleasure Force tape)

Darcey Maher (contacts)

Neiland Brissenden (photos, original Communic8r partner in crime)

Colm Hogan (video, brainstorming)

Jeff Penttila (MP3s)

Chris Gray (23 Hop Photos)

Len Jaroli (23 Hop photo)

Jeff Hampson (Gemstones card photo)

The VaultAnd a huge thanks to those who contributed to our campaign to save The Vault: Bill Best, Mark Best, Joga Dhaliwal, J Patterson, Del Cardoso, P. Brodeur, RJ P., Kevin Butler, Al Bauer, Drew Hale, Raven Daly, Denise Benson, Chris Shea, Simon Khodkar, paul haycock, Mouse K.

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